Don’t just take my word for it but have a look at the testimonies I have received over the years for the keynotes I have delivered.
“We asked Musharaf to speak at our ‘Raising Your Game’ Schools’ Conference, as part of events recognising International Men’s Day. His presentation conveyed the perfect message to a group of 40 14/15 year old boys, that positivity and hard work will help you reach your goals. It was inspiring to hear about Musharaf’s journey and witness how much he has achieved since appearing on Educating Yorkshire, his determination and positive attitude have led him to where he is today. It was also great to hear how much Musharaf appreciates the opportunities and support he has received along the way, and he recognises the important role they have played his success. We thoroughly recommend Musharaf to anyone who is looking for a genuinely moving story that will inspire any audience. We received nothing but positive feedback from our attendees.”
Lindsay Lerigo

Business Executive | Pinsent Masons | London

Mushy was a pleasure to deal with prior to, during and after our student awards dinner. He gave a heart-warming speech about his difficulties growing up with his stammer. His speech was perfect for the nature of our ceremony with education as an underlying theme. He was inspirational to our students as someone who had overcome hardships to succeed, and walking evidence that if you keep trying, you can achieve success.
Mushy was an absolute gent to the very end and we are very pleased to have met him and had him speak for us at our awards dinner.”
John Jones

Events Facilitator | Leeds City College | Leeds

Musharaf came to speak to our A Level Media Studies students and he was a complete inspiration. Musharaf spoke about his experiences on ‘Educating Yorkshire’ and how he overcame his stammer through dedication, perseverance and commitment. Our students were truly inspired by Musharaf’s visit. What particularly struck the students was his humility, warmth and humour. In return, the affection for him from the students was palpable.”
Riches Wilson

Media Teacher | The Bicester School | Bicester

Thank you for giving such a great motivational speech that inspired our students, supporters and staff.
You gave them a real them perspective on life and gave them great ideas on striving forward and to not give up.
Such an honest account of your experiences was so refreshing and eye opening and many of our students to know that they can overcome things as well and you inspired belief in themselves.
Thank you very much and we hope to see you again soon.”
Amanda Bishop

Widening Participation & Admissions Manager | Aston Medical School | Birmingham

Musharaf delivered a wonderful talk on his determination to learn, manage his stammer and find his voice. His warmth and humour were immediately apparent and put the audience of 400+ at ease. Many parents came up afterwards to say how good Musharraf was. I would thoroughly recommend him as a prize giving speaker.’
Adrian Floyd

Headmaster | The Hawthorn School | Bletchingley

Musharaf visited Hull Collegiate School on 3rd July 2018 and was the guest speaker at Prep Prize Giving, giving a speech to the children and parents and friends attending. Musharaf also led a Senior School assembly.
Musharaf is a very engaging young man and his (two) speeches went down very well with both audiences. He was relevant, interesting and inspiring. His celebrity from Educating Yorkshire proceeded him as far as the grown-up and elder students were concerned, but for those children who did not know him his message of perseverance and the value in which he holds education and teachers was well put across and well received. The fact that public speaking must still hold some demons for Musharaf only heightened the strength of what he said. Musharaf also had lunch with senior staff and school governors and the audience around the dining table were spell bound with his story. The fact that his plate of food went cold in front of him whilst he talked spoke volumes for the ease with which he talked about himself and his experiences in school. All who met Musharaf were so impressed by his dignity and modesty as well as the power of his message. As a school, we have received much positive feedback about him and we cannot recommend him highly enough.
Hull Collegiate School


Musharaf was chosen among quite a few speakers we had in mind. In the end, we decided to choose someone who would fit the demographic side of the event and be relevant for the prize giving ceremony. Musharaf was recommended by a former colleague of mine working at a school which Musharaf attended last year. What an absolute pleasure it was to have Musharaf at the event. He exceeded everyone’s expectations. At the end of the event, we had numerous staff, teachers and more importantly students explaining how refreshing it was to hear Musharaf talk. We cannot recommend Musharaf enough. He is by far one of the best speakers we have had visit our school.
Stuart Judge

The Ferrers School | Northamptonshire

I stumbled across Musharaf on Twitter after seeing a post of himself delivering a talk at a school. From the replies to the initial tweet I found everyone was very pleased to have him at their school. I immediately contacted Musharaf with 2 week’s notice before our prize giving. Musharaf was very professional from the moment I contacted him to him attending and delivering a talk. His humour is so amusing and how he can keep a room of over 150 teenagers so involved in his words is by far the greatest thing I have seen as a teacher! Musharaf was very honest with his approach to explaining how he partially overcame his stammer on Educating Yorkshire but doesn’t shy away from admitting he still finds it difficult to speak. Our students were so moved by his story. I cannot recommend Musharaf enough.
Sarah Judge

The Hampton College | Peterborough

After seeing Musharaf speak at WE Day I knew he would be perfect for him to attend to speak to our Year 9 cohort. The fact that Musharaf is only 22 years of age and has so much life experience is one of the best things about him. Musharaf’s humility and humbleness towards his approach in delivering a talk is remarkable. We had pin drop silence the moment Musharaf started speaking until the end of the sessions. Many of our students who aren’t very confident in asking questions in class were willingly seeking advice in the Q&A Musharaf did after the session. We as school were blown away to see the impact Musharaf had had in the space of a couple of hours at the school. In the past we have had speakers who visit the school and leave right away but Musharaf was willing to stay till the very end. I can say without a shadow of a doubt Musharaf is exceptional. We are looking forward to inviting him again in the future.
Gill Roughbeer

Sir Christopher Hatton Academy | Wellingborough

I decided to get into contact with Musharaf due to the fact I had heard Musharaf was a motivational speaker. Musharaf was exceptional for the assembly we had about facing your fears and self-acceptance. We had many students approach teachers explaining how Musharaf’s story inspired them to never give up and keep moving. I cannot recommend Musharaf enough. He is definitely one of the best speakers we have had.
The Holloway School


I got into contact with Musharaf after seeing Musharaf overcome his stammer and seeing him speak at WE Day. A charitable event which was catered to students and teachers. Musharaf spoke effortlessly to over 12,000 at WE Day which resulted in him receiving a standing ovation. I definitely wanted Musharaf to visit the school as I knew he would be great for our school’s trust meeting. Musharaf spoke to over fifty headteachers and governors. His story of the relationship he had with Mr Burton spoke volumes. Musharaf is by far one of nicest person we have had the pleasure to work with. In result, we already negotiating in having Musharaf speak again to our Year 11 cohort in September. Many of the heads are also in contact with speaking to Musharaf in having him visit their schools too.
Thomas Whitham High School


Having heard a number of key note speakers over the years, I find mostly their narrative interesting, inspirational and then I return to my normal life. Mushy as a person and as a speaker was a game changer. His story of true grit and determination, refusing to give in despite being told he would never speak again, has had a lasting impact on myself and the students as we seek to live our lives through his example that no barrier is too big to overcome with dedication and determination. Mushy has a wonderful sense of humour and is able to captivate audiences across many ages through his confident, articulate style. As a teacher, Mushy also reminds us all to never give up in young people and that every single individual in our classroom just needs one person to believe in them. I cannot recommend Mushy highly enough but be warned, you will need to bulk order tissues beforehand!
Railton Blyth

Deputy Headteacher | St. Crispin’s Academy | Wokingham

At the 4th annual event of Taylor Cocks we wanted someone from a diverse background. Someone we felt who would be appropriate to speak to our retailed accountants, so I decided to get into contact with Musharaf Asghar. To my understanding I had no idea how good Musharaf was as a speaker. His journey of overcoming a stammer on Educating Yorkshire and now 6 years on being a motivational speaker is an accolade in itself. I am so glad I got into contact with Musharaf. He is definitely the perfect pick for someone to speak so honestly about his journey and the struggles he faced growing up. What I found the best about the session was Musharaf’s story doesn’t just work for students and teachers but people such as ourselves who aren’t part of the teaching industry. Very exceptional.
Mark Cummins

Taylor Cocks | Charted Accountants | Brighton

We were delighted that Mushy was able to open the Closing Ceremony at our annual Summer Institute training event for teachers once again. His story about finding his voice with the support of his teacher has particular resonance with our audience – who were once again blown away by his experiences. Alongside his story, Mushy is a true professional to work with – humble, appreciative and easy to engage with. It was fantastic to work with him again in 2019, and would not hesitate to invite him to speak at future events.
Jessica Weaver

Teach First | Leeds

At our annual Diana awards ceremony we had Musharaf come and speak to us about his journey over the past couple of years. Mushy was an absolute delight. How he empowers and captivates an audience is something we’ve never seen before. We cannot recommend Mushy enough. A testament to what hard-work and determination gets you.
The Princess Diana Awards


Apprenticeships is something we pride ourselves in. Although Mushy didn’t do an apprenticeship himself we felt his journey was very inspiring and motivating. Mushy was perfect for our presentation evening. We were very surprised to his humour and loved how created such an atmosphere. Thank you Mushy for speaking to us and we definitely look forward to booking you again in the near future
PETA Apprenticeships

Huw Chapman | Portsmouth

We loved having Mushy speak to our speech and language students about stammering and explaining the importance of self-acceptance. As speech and language therapist it’s our duty to help those with any kind of disability with regards to language and speech. Mushy was perfect for the session. He described the importance of speech and made us realise how fortunate we are to be able to speak to fluently.
Gloucestershire University


At NYBEP, we work alongside schools and companies to deliver the best work experience to students within schools. Mushy was invited to express how working with local companies as part of work experience allowed him to feel much more comfortable once leaving school. We loved Mushy’s session and fell in love in his way of storytelling! Definitely one of the best speakers we’ve heard.
Usman Manzoor

NYBEP Conference | Bradford

It was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to welcome Mushy to our annual conference, alongside our learning family of 1,000 staff from the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership’s 14 schools and one teaching school.
As a keynote speaker, Mushy delivered an inspirational message of resilience, determination and positivity. His story is deeply personal, but so wonderfully motivational. His words comes straight from the heart and we were moved by his journey. Mushy’s experience resonated with all staff, empowering us to recognise the impact of what we do.

He reminded us that relationships are life-changing and that great teachers prioritise this. He thanked educators for helping students to achieve whatever they want.

Mushy’s journey of success is one that deserves to be heard by staff and students alike. Our schools have shared his story in assemblies and classrooms and we hope that he will continue to inspire others and make a difference to children and young people everywhere.

Richard Gill

CEO | Arthur Terry Learning Partnership | Birmingham

We are a Canadian charity which works across the entire globe empowering students to accept themselves for who they are. We heard about Mushy all the way in Canada and wanted Mushy to speak at our event at the SSE Arena in London. In the past, we have had speakers such as Selena Gomez, Karim Abdul Jabaar, Joe Jonas, Lilly Singh and many more. We invited Mushy to come along and speak and wow was he amazing. Mushy received a standing ovation in front of over 12,000+ students and teachers. Truly spectacular!
Anisah Dass

WE Day | London

Mushy was asked to be a part of the Open University Advert we had aired in 2014. Mushy did amazing and cannot thank him enough for his efforts and time in being a part of the advert!
Open University Advert

Mushy was asked to deliver a keynote to our Year 11 cohort of students. In the past, we have had many speakers but Mushy is definitely one we will never forget. Many students after the session he delivered expressed how motivated and inspired they were by his words! Highly recommended and definitely a really lovely individual!
Ricky Patel

Deputy Headteacher | The Hodge Hill School | Birmingham

What can we say about Mushy? Musharaf definitely knows how to inspire and motivate audiences. We are a college in the heart of Stevenage with our kids being from deprived areas. Mushy was able to tailor his speech towards our students and it was perfect. Mushy’s life was very similar to the students we spoke to which is the main reason we loved his session. Many students we spoke to after the session explained how they felt Mushy really resonated within themselves.
Chris Buist

North Hertfordshire College | Stevenage

We don’t really have many guest speakers at our school but I was really curious to see how Mushy was as a speaker as I heard it was great at a nearby school. Mushy was better than expected. As part of our wellbeing week, Mushy was asked to attend and speak about his journey. All our students loved Mushy and I can’t recommend him enough.
Foxfield Primary School