Tailor made workshops to help colleagues/students exceed beyond their beliefs.
Over the years I’ve built the confidence, resilience and determination through a variety of life experiences I’ve faced. I deliver workshops on the steps I undertook to gain these skills. If you are interested in me delivering these workshops at your facility, please get in touch. All workshops are tailor made to your needs and requirements.

My Workshops


Good leadership skills are fundamental to living, and inspiring a positive life. I know from my personal experience that leadership was an area that daunted me, which drove me into my shell. (All fine). In finding my voice, I found a confident, resilient individual, ready to lead. My custom-made leadership workshop…motivate your students and colleagues to exceed their capabilities.


Confidence is an ability to do what you please without feeling that odd little sound in your mind telling you; you’ll fail. My tailor-made confidence workshops break the misconception of how you need to be or look to feel confident. In the session, I describe how the normal day-to-day tasks we do allow us to work towards shortterm goals of reaching confidence.


From my experiences in high school I’ve seen how important it is to work as part of a team to achieve extraordinary results. Having first hand experience, allows me to deliver workshops which describe how important it is to work within a team. My sessions describe how we can all work as part of a team despite the differences we have and face to reach the best outcome possible.